Obligation of The Believer in The Month of Ramadan

The Noble Scholar  Shaykh Ibn Baaz  (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated: “That which is obligatory upon the believer is to stay away from the prohibitions of Allah. The acts of disobedience are prohibited at all times and in all places. However in this noble month (Ramadan), it’s obligatory that staying away (from that which Allah has prohibited) is even more so. It’s obligatory that the believer strives in preserving his fast and protecting it from the rest of the acts of disobedience; from the likes of backbiting, tale carrying, oppression of the people, transgression against them in any matter regarding their wealth or their persons and other than that from the acts of disobedience. Also (we are to stay away from) the likes of consuming interest, deception in business dealings and other than that from the acts of disobedience from that which Allah has prohibited. Therefore the believer must stay away from every act of disobedience of Allah, keep far from it, hope for the reward of Allah and fear the punishment of Allah. He is to strive in fulfilling the obligations of Allah. He makes the prayer in congregation and preserves it (by making it) in all of its five legislated times. He is to be dutiful to his two parents and keep the ties of kinship. He is to call to Allah, command the right and forbid the wrong. He is to stay away from all evil and strive in (doing) all good, especially in this noble month. The month of Ramadan is the month of charity, the month of standing at night in prayer and the month of rewards for good deeds being increased. Therefore the believer strives in taking advantage of these days and nights with fasting (during the day) and standing at night in prayer.” [Sharh Wathaa-if Ramadan pg. 19-20] Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah