Pondering over the Qurān is Following it

Al-Hasan Al-Basri  (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated about the statement of Allah: “A blessed book We have revealed to you in order that they may ponder over its verses and in order that those of understanding may reflect.” (Saad:29) He said: “The reflecting over its verses is nothing but following it with actions. By Allah, it’s not the memorization of its letters and the wasting of its prescribed limits. It’s to the point that one of them says: 《By Allah, I read the entire Qurān and I do not leave off one letter》 but he indeed has left off all of it (in practice). You don’t see in him the mannerisms of the Qurān nor the actions. It’s to the point that one of them says: 《By Allah, indeed I read the Soorah in one breath》By Allah, these individuals are not (true) reciters, nor scholars, nor wise, nor people of religious piety. When have the (true) reciters ever said the likes of this?! May Allah not increase the likes of these individuals amongst the Muslims!!” [Musannaf of Abdur-Razzaaq #5984] Translated by: Abu Yusuf Khaleefah