10 Signs You Have No Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa, By Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan

1) Imitating them in dress and lingo
2) Residing in their lands and not moving from their lands to the lands of the Muslims to save one’s Deen (i.e, hijrah).
3) Travelling to the lands of the kuffaar for tourism and vacation.
4) Helping them, giving them victory over the Muslims, speaking well of them and defending their honour.
5) Seeking their aid, trusting them, putting them in positions to know the secrets of the Muslims and making them advisors.
6) Using their calendar instead of the Islaamic calendar and, more importantly, observing the holidays on their calendar, like Christmas etc.
7) Observing their holidays or helping them to make that celebration or congratulating them for their holidays or just being present at their celebrations.
8) Speaking well of them through what they have of material wealth and being satisfied with their behaviour without looking at their deen which is a false deen.
9) Using their names.
10) Supplicating for them and being compassionate to them.

 taken from his book:

 الإرشاد إلى صحيح الإعتقاد و رد  اهل الشرك و الالحاد من باب: مظاهر مولاة الكفار ص ٣١٦

Al-Irshaad chapter of Manfesitation of Loyalty to the Disbelievers page 316.