Summary of points of advice:

1.) Exert every effort in learning the fundamentals of the Dīn – The Aqīdah & Manhaj of Ahl Sunnah wal Jama’ah

2.)  Be mindful over guarding the performance of the ṣalāh, the greatest affair after the beliefs

3.) The adornment of the ḥijāb and the jilbāb, that Allāh has commanded you to wear

4.) Allāh has legislated for you marriage, and that you are obedient to your husband in that which constitutes obedience to Allāh.

5.) Importance of being upright role model to your children, nurturing & teaching them. Instilling in them love for Allāh & obedience to Him

6.) Sisters guard yourself and your chastity.

7.) Sisters be mindful of how you carry yourselves. Allāh prohibits women resembling the men. Be women & feminine, in that is ur beauty.

8.) Sisters have a role as dā’iyāt of the Dīn. Call to Allāh but do not enter the realm of men call to Allāh among women & focus on tawhīd