Was Jesus a human or was he God? We often ask this question because Jesus is often given the qualities and reverence which should be given to God only. 
We see that when people receive blessings they thank Jesus, when a calamity is removed from them they thank Jesus, when they are I need of something they ask Jesus or they mix the two and do not make a distinction between God and Jesus. 
👉🏾When you say none shall come through the father or God except through Jesus, we can interpret this two ways: 
1. Going through Jesus by way of praying to him, hoping in him, relying on him, and seeking blessing from him. In actuality this is worshipping Jesus. 
2. Going through Jesus can mean following his instructions, examples and guidelines and this was the message of Islam and all those who God sent to deliver people to salvation.  Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessing of God be upon all them) ALL CAME WITH THE MESSAGE TO WORSHIP GOD ALONE AND FOLLOW THEIR WAYS. Not to pray to them and worship them.

So which is the correct interpretation of these two? 
Q: Is Jesus the son of Mary a human being? 
A: Yes, Jesus is a human being and a creation of Allāh. Allāh created him just as He created the rest of the creation, but He only made his creation different than the rest of the people for great purpose which I mentioned to you previously.
Q: What is the proof from the Qur’ān that he is a created human being?
A: Allāh says in the Qur’ān, “The example of Jesus according to Allāh is like Ādam; He created him (Ādam) from dirt/clay/mud, then He said to him, ‘Be!’ And he was.” [5:59]
Q: Is there anything else that proves he is only a human being and not a god? 
A: Yes, what proves that he is only a humanbeing is that he used to eat food, he used the bathroom, he slept and woke up, he walked in the marketplaces, he spoke to the people—men and women, young and old—he made du’ā (supplication) to Allāh, and he did other things humans do.
Also what proves he is not a god is that Allāh (God) is over His Throne above the heavens, and He is not a part of His creation. Allāh is not seen in this worldly life, and He is perfect and far from the qualities of His creation, as Allāh says in the Qur’ān, 
“Nothing is like Allāh, and [He is the All-Hearer and the All-Seer.” [42:11]
So we see if he is not God then you are worshipping others beside God without realizing it.