Excerpt from the book:

“Letter 1, in the Name of Allah, The Possessor Of Vast Mercy, The Granter Of Immense Mercy –

*Mom… I love You*

To my beloved mother – along with my Father who has now departed from this life – who cultivated me when I was a child. To my much-loved mother who cherished me and sustained me when I was young, who protected me from the apparent evils of society with her knowledge, insight, foresight and wisdom, so that I would not succumb to the wiles of Satan. To you who, when I became sick, made sure that I received the best medical care you could afford. To you, my dearly loved mother, who provided me with a good education that would prepare me for adulthood. You who attempted to guide me with what you believed to be the best way according to your beliefs and religious convictions. I say here and now from the bottom of my heart – and with Allah (God) as my witness – that I really truly appreciate everything that you have done for me…” Taken from the First chapter of “Letters From My Christian Parent About Islam” by Dawud Adib.