Madinah Conference 2016: 

Amazing Advice From Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee

A fantastic lecture that took place in the Masjid that is situated close to the home of our noble Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala].  The Masjid was packed.  So packed that I don’t believe that there was even any standing room. 

A point of benefit from before the lecture:

Our Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] came towards the front of the Masjid, close to the place that he would sit in when he went on to deliver his lecture.  The brothers started asking the Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] if the Iqaamah should be called for the purpose of establishing the Salah. Our Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] replied: The Imam (of the Masjid) is present.  It is his responsibility to decide when the iqaamah is to be given.  Our Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] then when on to enquire whether there was sufficient time for him to pray 2 rakah.  He was informed that there was indeed time, and he prayed 2 (short) rakahs.   

When it became time to establish the prayer.  The brothers stood up and the Imaam asked our Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] if he wanted to lead the prayer or asked him to lead the prayer (I don’t remember which one).  Our Shaykh replied:  You are the Imaam, you should lead us in prayer, and the Imaam lead the prayer.

A beautiful gathering with our Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala] and the noble brothers that were present.

I witnessed this with my own eyes as Allah had bless me with the opportunity of being present in this blessed gathering on that day, walhamdulillah.

Now, listen to the monumental lecture delivered by our Shaykh [hafidhahullah Ta’ala].  Words that should be written in gold.