Advice to the Youth regarding Haraam Communications with the Opposite Sex Via Social Media

The Mufti Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Aaalish-Shaykh

O Muslims, youth from the Muslim males and females have engaged in these websites and have regretted that; but their regret did not benefit them. They regretted that which has occurred and their error became clear to them. (It also became clear) that some of the youth of the Ummah are wolves in the images of men; they deceive and delude; they do not bring benefit. They exhaust their resources in the Haraam without the fear of Allaah to prevent them from their falsehood and deter them from continuing in their crimes.

An article was written regarding (people) who were tried with this calamity and affliction; and that which occurred from (impermissible) communication and that which occurred as a result of these websites from the destruction of homes and corruption of characters and the dissolving modesty, chastity, and nobility.

It says regarding some of those who were tried with this calamity that a woman spent a number of years with her husband in tranquility and goodness; security and chastity, until she was tried with these websites at the prompting of a friend, or the likes of that. She began a relationship with a youth who deceived her and deluded her; he corrupted her against her husband and promised her that if she separates from her husband then he would be her husband. She worked until she separated from her husband due to the scheme of that despicable person.

When he caused her to fall into that which she fell into and the affair resulted in Faahishah with her, he separated from her. She called him repeatedly, but he said: “I cannot trust someone who is lowly (like you); one who deceives once would deceive again (i.e., if you deceived your husband you would deceive me) I know good women and I have proposed to them in a legislative manner, and not by way of those devices.”

This, O brother, is the result of these matters. So have Taqwa of Allaah O Muslim youth. Do not begin relationships by way of these forums; such that it would harm you in your religion and corrupt your character.


Summary translation by Raha ibn Donald Batts