📢 Masjid As Siddheeq رضي الله عنه presents you the audio file of

📌 Important Naseehah Concerning Dawatus Salafiyyah in India

✒️ With The Noble Shaykh Fu’ād bin Sa’ud al-Amree {حفظه الله}

🌍 from the Well Known Scholars of Jeddah and Student of Shk. Rabee’, Shk.  Ubayd and other Salafī Scholars

📅  Safar 2 1437  ( Nov 14 2015)

📝 Translated LIVE Into English

🔊  📝Shaykh’s Lecture= https://goo.gl/90PyIe

❓1st question :  https://goo.gl/gRStHg

❓2nd question : https://goo.gl/XZbRGn

❓3rd question  : https://goo.gl/MezgRH

❓4th question  : https://goo.gl/8rDRav

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