ʾUḍḥīyyah and the Hady – Points of Benefit and Rulings – Dr. Ṣaleḥ al-Ṣaleḥ, transcribed by Umm Ṣafūrā b. As-Sa’adīyyah(The rest of the parts are to be uploaded soon with the PDF)
Conditions of the Hady – Sacrificial Animal – 5 Conditions Listed Below
What is Hady

Hady is the offering of the cattle to the Ḥaram to the people of the Ḥaram.
It must have reached the legal age  

Which is two years entering the third for the goats, cows and camel – this is known as ثنية, or six months to one year for the sheep, this is known as جذعة.
The Prophet ﷺ said,
“Sacrifice only fully grown animals unless it is difficult for you.” [1] 

This refers to the one whose milk teeth who have fallen out and has grown adult teeth.
It must be free from physical defects

The one eyed (the one who has lost its eye which it has lost), a sick animal, a lame animal which obviously limps, the old (one no-one would choose).[2]
The slaughtering it must be in the time of slaughtering

These are the days of ʿĪd and the three days after i.e., the days of Tashrīq (the 13th, 14th and 15th of Dhū al-Ḥijjah).[3]


It should be in the legal place of slaughtering

You cannot slaughter in ʿArafah, you can slaughter in the Ḥaram.
It must be from the cattle’s

The ʾAnʿām i.e., camel, cows, goat and sheep’s.[4]

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