History of deviated sects – Abu Iyaad [Audio|En]

Part 1 – Lecture (50 minutes) – Abu Iyyad

1. Statement of Ibn Taymiyah – The foundations of knowledge is to understand the Muraad / Intent of the Rasool and the Sahaabas
2. Hadeeth: Sahih Muslim … No prophet sent except he had helpers, companions… Explanation of this hadeeth by the great companion Hudayfah Ibn Al Yamaan
3. Hudayfah was most knowledgeable pertaining to the fitnah and tribulations which were to occur in the ummah
4. Explanation of the statement of Huzafah radiallahu anhu: “Truth is very heavy… but very easy to accept…”
5. Statement of Huzafah radiallahu anhu “ ..people will be upon good as long as their scholars are not looked down upon…”
Part 2 – Lecture (Almost 2hrs) – Abu Iyaad

1. Huzaifa radiallahu anhu was most knowledgeable about fitan, trials and tribulations
2. Messenger used to send him on secret missions around war times
3. Huzaifa: “…first fitnah killing of Uthmaan… final fitnah Dajjal..”
4. Sh Sa’di: two types of fitnah pertaining to Dajjal – One specific to appearance of Dajjal and another more general pertaining to every falsehood which is beautified, and truth made to appear ugly, and doubts strengthen, and people of weak intellect are confused…
5. Appearance of sects – Khawaarij, Raafidah, Murjiah, Mutazila – All had some or the other links between them
6. Period between 34H and 38H had many fitnah and trials for the muslim ummah
7. Abdullah Bin Saba al yahoodi – chief instigator – from San’aa (Yemen) Born to a balck slave women, accepted islaam at time of Uthmaan radiallahu anhu –
8. Tried to spread doubts by travelling to Shaam, Kufah, Hijaz, Basarah – Finally settled in Egypt
9. One of his first doubts he put forward to people: .. Uthmaan radiallahu anhu has hoarded the wealth of the people…” – very similar to what Dhul Khuwaysarah at tamimi was accusing the prophet of…
10. The introduction of socialist, communist mentality into the minds of the muslims by Abdullah bin Sabaa al yahoodi…
11. Formation of demonstrations (peaceful to begin with), revolutions etc by Abdullaah bin Sabaa al yahoodi
12. The presence of followers of ibn Sabaa and their infiltrations in the army of Ali radiallahu anhu – One of the biggest reasons as to why confusion arose between Sahaabs even when the sahaabas were innocent of this…
13. The formation of a separate “state”, a separate “khilaafah” at the time of Ali, by these khaarijites in a place called haroorah
14. Fabricated letters in the name of companions – one incident where Masrooq comes to Ayesha and says that it was you who were commanding to come out against Uthmaan! – And Ayesha swears on Allah and says she had never said such a thing…
15. The fact that Khaarijites are never mukhlis in their actions – their focus is only wealth and authority – When Uthmaan was besigned and they entered upon him, an individual – Amr ibn Haamiq (may Allah destroy him) jumped on Uthmaan (who was 80yr old at that time and frail), stabbed him 9 times in his chest and then said – 3 of them is for the sake of Allah, and the rest 6 for the hatred I had in my heart for you…
A very beneficial lecture ikhwaan –big eye opener to some crucial historic facts. Highly recommended.
Post Courtesy: Muhammed Muzzammil via West London dawah groups
Source Audio: https://soundcloud.com/markazmuaadh/sets/my-ummah-will-split-into-73-sects-all-in-the-fire-except-one-slough-conference-2015